Convert Virtualbox Image to VMware Image

I use Windows XP Mode that integrated with my windows7, but I often get it crash with no reason. So I try to get VMware Player and fortunately, it easy to import my Windows XP Mode to VMware.

If you want to permanently remove Windows XP Mode (will save a lot of disk space), follow step explained Microsoft Technet instead of uninstall Windows XP Mode from Control Panel.

Someday, I get VirtualBox image and try to run it using VMware. First step, I surf and search how to convert VirtualBox image(.vdi) to VMware image(.vmdk). I get here and tell me to use qemu-image utility part of Qemu and run command bellow:

qemu-img convert VirtualBox-HardDisk-image.vdi -O vmdk VMware-virtual-machine-image.vmdk

It’s very simple but commented didn’t work a well and pointed to another tutorial. This second tutorial more explained steps. first step convert VirtualBox image to raw image using Vboxmanage (part of VirtualBox) and second step convert raw image to VMware image using Qemu( This steps more complicated for me because I must download VirtualBox to use Vboxmanage command.

So I decide to use just Qemu to convert because is small and lightweight to download. The following steps explain you to convert VirtualBox image(.vdi) to VMware image(.vmdk):

  1. Download Qemu for windows at
  2. Extract on c: and become c:\qemu-0.13.0-windows
  3. Open Windows Command Prompt as administrator
  4. Run command bellow to convert VirtualBox image(.vdi) to raw image(.raw)

    c:\qemu-0.13.0-windows>qemu-img convert c:\virtualbox_image.vdi -O raw c:\virtualbox_image.raw

  5. Run command bellow to convert raw image(.raw) to VMware image(.vmdk)

    c:\qemu-0.13.0-windows>qemu-img convert c:\virtualbox_image.raw -O vmdk c:\virtualbox_image.vmdk

Converting disk image need more times dependent to image size. be patient to wait until finished and make sure you disk space is sufficient to output file.

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